The airship: spectacular but unostentatious

As an eyecatcher, these "gentle giants" together with the hot-air balloons, are unsurpassed

The airship: spectacular but unostentatious

At first sight, the cigar shape reminds one of a Zeppelin. On closer inspection it becomes clear to the observer that this is a journey being made by a motorised hot-air airship. It flies using the same principle as a hot-air balloon, namely hot air. But it is not quite the one nor the other.


Thanks to its motor, the direction of flight of the hot-air airship is not a matter of the wind and chance; it can be steered.


This makes it possible to have round trips with speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph) and lasting 40 to 90 minutes. But: This requires stable weather conditions and no wind above 10 knots during the flight.


This airship can, with the appropriate authorisations, take off from any desired starting location, so its use can be targeted at events and meetings. The low altitude of the flight and the comfortable speed make this giant of the air a breathtaking experience.


The semi-open gondola of the airship gives a clear view in all directions, providing ideal conditions for photography, filming or simply for enjoying the magnificent view.


But it's not only the flight itself that thrills the passengers and the public. The equipment, the take-offs and the landings are also very suitable as attractions.

Size comparison:
The Airship

With its impressive size, its pleasant and surprising appearance, and its gentle speed at low altitudes, the hot-air airship is suitable not only for carrying passengers but can also be an excellent choice for promotion purposes, enviromental reserarch and even animal observation.


Today we can offer you the opportunity to use this hot-air airship for company and product advertising,  promotion tours, research and observations in a small region or across Switzerland or Europe or, if desired even world-wide.