Fly with us at a special event

We are frequently flying at various events, both here in Switzerland and in other countries

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Funks Ballonfahrten

We sometimes be part in various organised events where we shall be able to make a limited number of places available to individual guests.


Would you like to fly over the Oktoberfest in Munich? Or admire the Prater in Vienna from the airship, or fly in an airship over the volcano Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines?




It might require a little patience and luck to obtain one of these sought-after places, but who knows: perhaps you'll find an event on our page "Calendar/available places" where you would like to join us in one of our flights.


Since usually only single places are available, you need to act quickly.The best is to book immediately to avoid losing this unique opportunity.


Of course, just as with hot-air balloons, all airship flights are very dependent on the weather. It is very important to fly only when we are sure the weather situation is really safe. We are, afer all, looking back on over 20 years of accident-free operations and we want that to continue for a long time.


Airship Flights on Events If a flight has to be postponed because of the weather, we will immediately arrange a new date for your flight or, if that is not possible, refund the amount paid.


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