An airship flight, an unforgettable experience!

We fulfil childhood dreams!

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Airship flying

We usually meet up with our passengers at sunrise or about 3 hours before sunset, at the agreed starting point. The flight in the hot-air airship lasts between 25 and 30 minutes. However, you should plan for at least twice this time so that you can experience, both as a passenger and as a spectator, how the airship takes off, flies away calmly and then returns for the landing.

The airship is set up and prepared for the start by our experienced crew, then supervised during the take-off.

Now it's your turn: climb on board! Take your place in comfortable leather seats, fasten the safety belt and we are ready to go. But before that, quickly pull the headphone on to enable communication with your fellow passengers and the pilot, and then things can really get going.
As soon as the ground-crew foreman gives the OK, the hot-air airship slowly lifts off. Here another feature of the hot-air balloon comes into play: The hot-air airship does not need to pick up speed for take-off; it lifts off very slowly from the ground, like a hot-air balloon!

Now you will slowly fly over a previously defined route or simply follow this or that easy circuit and enjoy the area from up here. The flight will approach its end all too quickly, and you will glide low over houses and trees, gently landing again at the starting site.

An airship flight, an unforgettable experience! Helping with dismantling the airship, as is usual for a balloon flight, is not necessary in this case. Here you can discuss your experience with your fellow passengers over a glass of sparkling wine, photograph and watch this airship of over 40 metres length while our professional crew packs it back onto the special transporter vehicle.

Finally your pilot will hand you a signed certificate that will remind you of this adventure for a long time to come.

Photos that we made during erection, the journey and the dismantling will be available after a few days on this website in the photo album, as an E-card to send to your friends or simply to download.