Airships: spectacular but unostentatious

The "gentle giants" are unsurpassed as an eyecatcher

Airships: spectacular but unostentatious

Airship advertising knows no frontiers. Whether it's at big national or international events such as trade fairs, sporting events, flight days or overflying ski resorts or popular holiday resorts - our airship can be employed nearly everywhere.


Hot-air airships are mobile and very effective with the public. There is hardly a better way of breaking through the ever-present flood of advertising in the traditional media and presenting your product or your company's message with a positive profile. With the mobility of the airship, the advertising message can be shown nearly anywhere and any time right where there is a large number of spectators.


The quality of the hot-air airship comes from the influence of various factors that contribute to better and longer viewing times:


  • The "fascination with flying" is today still a symbol of man's wish to be able to fly and arouses sympathy in the spectator.
  • The mobility and the single airship in the air increase the probability of its being noticed and the chances of contact.
  • The airship reaches people and influences them in an environment where they are not usually expecting it and this leads to a positive surprise effect on the spectator.
  • Its experience-oriented impression encourages personal and medial multipliers to give a positive image transfer.
  • As studies have shown, airships achieve very high acceptance values in the observer.


Our offer: Full-service promotion tour for your product


Airship Promotion Tours

We'll discuss and plan with you the advertising campaigns, our crew's operating plan for the airship and, if required, we'll take care of the necessary PR actions for all the flights. This way, hot-air airship publicity will become more easily planned, more transparent and more verifiable for you in the scope of your advertising.



You will be surprised how cost-effective these airships can be operated. Ask us for a proposal.


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