About Funks Ballonfahrten....

.... we have been flying for more than 20 years - without accident !

Funks Ballonfahrten


Funk"s Ballonfahrten was founded and registered as a company in 1989. As professional operators of balloons and airships we are an aviation company, authorized by FOCA (the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation) and subject to strict regularly checked requirements regarding safety and organisation.




After operating balloons for over 20 years, we have now decided: "It’s time for a change".


And yet: Almost 2000 accident-free balloon journeys, 3500 hours in the balloon's basket, and thousands of happy passengers for whom I have been able to provide the pleasure of a balloon trip, are my proud record. So, I have now decided to make my second hobby, operating an airship, also to my profession.


From May 2011 we shall also be able to offer airship flights in Switzerland to our guests. We shall be happy to accommodate our passengers' wishes in our range of different starting locations, as with the balloon flights.

Admittedly, the first season in 2011 will still have a somewhat limited range of starting locations. But in 2012 at the latest, we intend to be flying over all the important and beautiful places in Switzerland.


All our pilots and the ground crew are professionals and are committed to the airship business. You and your guests will have noticed this by the time the airship takes off.


Our standard of safety is very high: It's not just chance that we have been accident-free for well over 20 years. If there is doubt, and when the weather is uncertain, an airship or balloon flight will be cancelled and a new date set.


We can offer you an experience that you will remember for a long time - what is that worth? - it's priceless! Therefore: Come with us on an airship flight and live your dream....