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Dear Sirs I have found your web-site and am interested in buying two tickets for an airship flight over Rapperswil for myself and my partner as a birthday present for him. We currently live in Jona (next to Rapperswil). I could obviously not see from your web-site when you may have these flights. Please could you let me have some further information. With best regards Shirley

Sent by Shirley Dauncey on 04.01.2012

Dear Shirley I would love to schedule a flight over Rapperswil but unfortunatly we have not enough bookings at this time. This may change within the next 3 - 4 month.

How many passengers can fly with this airship ?

Sent by Gappo on 08.02.2010

There are 4 seats available, one for the pilot and 3 for passengers. We always fly at least 3 times, so there must be no less than 9 passengers willing to fly with our airship.